A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Super Game Pack is an activity that publishes collections of games made by Turkish indie game developers.

When creating a SGP, first we create hilarious, interesting game names like "Public Pooping Simulator", "But... You're a Horse", "This Game is Bad". Then we make games choosing names from the list. Thus, creative games are developed.

Games and devs in Super Game Pack I are,

  1. Public Pooping Simulator (Ahmet Kamil Keleş)
  2. Pi The Game (Ahmet Kamil Keleş)
  3. The Parasite (Talha Kaya)
  4. Super Mega Wild Run (Neslihan Bağcı Aydınoğlu)
  5. Desert Ravagers (Deniz Aydınoğlu)
  6. This Game Is Bad (Ezgi Çetin)
  7. Vururum (Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt)
  8. Emotional Bear Crying A River (Efe Alaçamlı)

Install instructions

Pack menu is for Windows. But most of the games are playable in webplayer, so you don't need Windows to play those games. Two of them (Desert Ravagers and Super Mega Wild Run) are played on internet.

Games/links are under SuperGamePack I_Data\Games

You need to install RPGVX Ace for This Game Is Bad.

Chrome users:

Unfortunately, Chrome no longer supports Unity Web Player games. You can enable temporary support by entering the following into the address bar:chrome://flags/#enable-npapi, or you can use a different browser, such as Firefox.


SuperGamePack_I.zip 32 MB